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Form Project Templates

Working on a repetitive process like monthly planning? No need to reinvent the wheel everytime. Work faster by creating project templates.

Customize Tasks

With premium version of SmartTask you can track anything and everything with custom fields - deal stage, priority, job applicants, etc.

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Keep projects on track

Get a clear overview of everything your team is working on – what’s already been done and what’s coming up.

Time & Budget Tracking

Keep track of all your project budgets by hours spent. See how much was done and how much of it remains.

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Access from anywhere, anytime

With realtime sync across all devices, everyone will have most up to date information.

Features at a glance:


Easily assign task to any user or project in the organization

Groups and Projects

Organize your tasks into shared projects for your meetings and initiatives

Instant Messaging

Add as many details as you want using task or project comments


Powerful search helps you find information you need quickly


Attach files from your computer to any tasks or conversation

Powerful Recurring tasks

Create repeating tasks naturally like “every Monday at 1pm”

Project Templates

Repetitive projects become easy to implement

Email Reminders

Get Email reminders if tasks are overdue

Location Tracking

Track location of on-field workforce


Immediate view on project's timeline

Time Tracking

Log time for individual tasks and projects

Guest Users

Invite and collaborate with guests for free


Use Tags to add more context to your tasks

Dates And Time

Dates ensure tasks get done on time


Get notified about important changes