Location Tracking

Track on field workforce with SmartTask location tracking. Location is tracked through GPS enabled smartphone with SmartTask app installed.

Activate Location Tracking:

Fig A: Opening Location Settings:

1 To open location view, click on the location button in the navigation bar.

2 Click on location settings to open up settings view.

To enable location tracking. Go to location tracking settings from navigation bar (Fig A - 2). Add members to track (Fig B - 2). Install SmartTask application on mobile (Android App), login and select yes when asked for location tracking permission. Location tracking would now be activated.

NOTE: To ensure location tracking is working properly, make sure of the following:

  • SmartTask mobile app should be installed. (Android version > 4.2 is required)
  • App needs to have location tracking persmission to track on field member's location.
  • GPS and internet data should be on at all times for accurate location.
  • Xiaomi Phones are known to kill background applications due to which locations may not be recorded properly. (Please contact us on support@smarttask.io to know further)
  • battery /power saver mode as they are known to kill background services.

Fig B: Settings View:

1 Stationary time threshold: If member is stationary beyond this time, a red distinctive circle is marked on map with duration.

2 Add tracked users Add members of the organization for location tracking.

3 Time Interval Defines time interval for location updates.

4 Tracked Users Users whose locations are currently tracked.

Checking Member's location

Click on location tracking icon at top right corner of the navigation bar (Fig A - 1). This will open up the list of members who are being tracked currently. Simply click on the member, select start and end date (Fig C - 1), click on render button (Fig C - 2) to retrieve locations.

Fig C - Location Map render:

1 Dates Select timeframe within which to display locations tracked.

2 Render Button when clicked starts rendering locations on the map

3 Status Bar notifies about the current state of location udpates.

As soon as locations are retrieved they would be rendered on the map. Do note, rendering speed can be increased by clicking on the fast forward button in the status bar.


Time Interval for location updates

Locations are updated periodically depending on the time interval defined in the settings.In many mobile background location services are known to consume a lot of battery power. To avoid fast drain of the battery you can increase time between location update to an appropriate value (Fig B). By default the time interval for location tracking is set to 2 mins. This changed for individual tracked member.

Stationary Time Threshold

A distinctive red circle is plotted on map informing that a member has been in same location for a time period beyond Stationary time threshold value. This can be changed in through location settings.